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What it is to be a Navy Chief

So, we all know that the first thing we instill in the Navy Chief is humility. This is mainly due to remembering your own upbringing in the Navy. According to Humility is a modest or low view of one's own importance. I think we could all use some reminding of this, even me as I write this. This past year I learned a great lesson in humility, from  an unlikely source that I wasn't expecting to learn it from. The person was a part of the Special Warfare community. He shared a story of why he serves, and like most of us currently in the Navy it was because of 9/11. However, his story went a step further. He was a firefighter, and his brother a police officer, both in New York, and both worked the Twin Towers the day we will always remember. The difference is hat he met up with his brother late in the afternoon, not knowing that it was going to be the last time he would see him. 

As he told his story he told his story you could see the group becoming more engaged, and yet this Navy Chief continued on. Later in the evening I had a conversation with him, asked him what his rating was, and discussed with him that I had a piece of the trade center I wanted to give him. He told me no, to keep it. His response to my question was unusual to me, but very eye opening. He merely stated I am no one important, just a fireman, and not anything special. Although we all talk the talk, this Navy Chief is truly the epitome of humility. We all should continue to learn from each other, and understand one another's experiences. Most importantly remember where you came from because this will keep you humble. 


Thanks for taking time to read this! 


Navy Chief! Navy Pride!