Hand Carved Vs. The Machine

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Hand Carved Vs. The Machine

In recent months many products have been posted as being hand carved or hand crafted. The adjective hand carved is describing the act of using physical tools held by the crafter to bring out the beauty that is their design. 

Often times hand carved is used to describe the work of a CNC machine, which uses less time with the hands, with the exception of sanding or somw sort of finishing. 

Knowing the difference between hand carved and CNC or machined products is important because the worth of the project changes exponentially. The time it takes to hand carve an item is close to triple what it takes to machine it. Detail can go to the extreme with hand carved products because you can reach every nook and crany of the art. Let us take a step back from our need now mentality and take the time to appreciate the time and effort put into a hand carved item versus a Machined product. 

The images attached is a hand carved female chief combo cover ( with anchored memories logo) and a machined female combo cover (without logo). 

Machined Combo Cover